Crafting my empire

Craft an empire using buildings, weapons, warriors and vehicles through the natural resources extraction from the different ecosystems available in the game; so that you can destroy the empires of your enemies looking for the crown of their kings.

On Crafting my empire you can...

Destroy the empire of your enemies in order to steal the crown of their kings

Create your own buildings, weapons, warriors and vehicles using all the natural resources available in your inventory

Feed and hidrate your warriors in order to keep them alive

Use your collected crowns to get new ecosystems

Access to the laboratory for creating new materials using the natural resources collected during your battles

Wait for the continuous updates of the game and explore the new tools

Have the control of all your crafted warriors in order to create troops and attack your enemies

Choose your favourite ecosystem and play it in different modes: Creative Game, Battle, Multiplayer and Survival Challenge

Available on the Apple Store